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A Process: Leading to the Promise

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Confidence Ahuche Is from Imo State in Nigeria. She shared in her book how, she faced her past without regret, handling her present with confidence and preparing her future without fear. Through her encounter with Jesus Christ everything the enemy called Satan tried to use to trick her into believing that he had power in her life and situation is the exact things, she is using to display to the entire world Satan stupidity and making an open show of him. She is happy to talk about Jesus wherever she go because without him she can do nothing John 15:5     

Confidence Ahuche is an author and a writer. She wrote an inspirational book titled A Process: Leading to the Promise. To inspire others that there is always a way out in every life situation and the best way out of a difficulty is through it. Until you go through, you can't break through. 

Marriage and Family Life
Confidence is married to Nicholas Ahuche. They have a daughter, Jewel, and live in the United Kingdom.